Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, 29 August

An email was circulating passing on the instructions of a new VP for cleaning up the ops floor to make it uncluttered and safe. Among the new edicts was that women had to leave their purses in their cars, they were not to have them on the ops floor. This in particular was causing A LOT of grief (as you can imagine) so Laura approached one of the floor supervisors with a tampon and a pad in her hand and asked him if she could keep them in his desk, as she was no longer able to bring her purse in and had no place to keep them on the ops floor. Having that deer caught in the headlights look on his face he mumbled something and walked away.

within the hour a revised edict was issued that 1 file cabinet per area was allowed where the women could put their purses.

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does Laura have a fan club? can I be president of it?