Friday, September 28, 2007


We've been missing our daily calls, Laura has been really busy lately. But here's a brief collection of stuff from this month.

Laura has to be at work at 6:30 every day, I don't have to be at work until 8:00 AM. I don't get up until after she leaves. The other day Laura was leaving for work and let a cat into our bedroom. I wasn't quite asleep and not quite awake. The cat gave out a loud meow, jumped up on the bed and onto me and....peed on me. I came to full consciousness immediately and pitched the cat off of me. I cleaned up myself, put the sheets into the wash and took my shower.

I emailed Laura later to thank her for letting the cat in and to tell her why. She emailed me back. Laura's email said: "I'm sorry the cat peed on you, I don't know if they make cards for that."

Laura was talking to one of her sisters the other day and was told about an incident that happened at work. A coworker told Laura's sister: "Don't give me any more work or I'll twist your tits off."

Another day Laura was working at her desk. A couple of girls were talking at another desk, one telling the other about her recent breast augmentation and what a good job they did. She then proceeded to ask the other girl if she wanted to feel.


Anonymous said...

Bob, Laura is hilarious.

Hey, blogging is not for everyone, but since you already do, keep bringing it.

BTW, what line of work is she in? I forget.


I like Laura...You ain't bad your ownself.